Council expected to OK B&B measure

April 19, 1993

The County Council is expected to approve tonight a measure allowing the operation of bed-and-breakfast inns in residential communities.

Under the legislation, the inns would be allowed in rural and lower-density areas, legalizing those bed-and-breakfasts already operating in South County. But they would be forbidden in areas zoned for one or two houses per acre.

The council revised the measure to exclude those areas after a hearing last Wednesday at which neighborhood groups from greater Annapolis, Broadneck and Severna Park challenged the bill.

Albert Johnston of the Greater Severna Park Council said his group feared that neighborhoods would be inundated with bed-and-breakfast inns, "disturbing the evening tranquillity."

Bed-and-breakfasts already are allowed in Annapolis. Supporters said it is time the county allowed them outside the city as well.

Supporters stressed that bed-and-breakfasts have "intimate, family-style atmospheres" that would go virtually unnoticed in a residential area. They also said that the inns are patronized by an upper-income clientele that would be unobtrusive.

The council also was scheduled to vote tonight on bills to increase the percentage of health care premiums retired county workers must pay and to reduce the number of paid holidays county workers are allowed. But administration staff members asked the council to delay action while they draft amendments.

The bill to take away three paid holidays is "not a County Council issue but a collective bargaining issue," said Councilman George F. Bachman, a Linthicum Democrat. "They're in collective bargaining now. They should just go ahead with that."

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