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April 19, 1993

Drug suspect charged, not identified

County police have charged a man they can't identify with possession of crack cocaine.

Police said in a report they charged the man as John Doe because of his "inability to identify himself by supplying a date of birth, address, or anything else."

Police were called to Cantler's Riverside Inn on Forest Beach Road in St. Margarets about 7 p.m. Friday by people who complained of men armed with handguns sitting in a car.

Officers ordered the three occupants out of the car but could find no weapons. But police said they did find a white plastic bag containing several brownish rocks on the back seat near where the unidentified man was sitting.

Also, police said, they found three more small white plastic bags in the man's pockets that contained brownish-white rocks that later tested positive for crack cocaine.

The man was taken to the Eastern District police station and was charged as John Doe with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Police described him as in his 30s. They said they confiscated 9 grams of cocaine from the man's pocket and the car.

Extension favored for road widening

The Greater Severna Park Council this week supported a proposal to extend the widening of Ritchie Highway beyond Cypress Creek Road to College Parkway.

Del. W. Ray Huff asked the council to draft a letter to O. James Lighthizer, state secretary of transportation, asking for the extension of the southbound lane, and the members approved.

The State Highway Administration's plans up till now were to widen the road from Whites Road through Severna Park, stopping at Cypress Creek Road.

"We thought it should at least go to College Parkway," said Mr. Huff. "Otherwise, the traffic's just going to back up into Severna Park, especially on Friday nights when everybody goes to Ocean City."

The project for the six-lane road is scheduled to begin in the spring of 1994 and likely would be completed by summer 1995.

The state plans to create the additional lanes by cutting from both sides of the median, which will leave a large divider between north- and southbound traffic and is safer than taking space from the road shoulders, SHA officials have said.

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