Frederick seeks $8.8 million for 3 road projects

April 18, 1993|By Capital News Service

WASHINGTON -- Frederick city officials are asking for $8.8 million from President Clinton's economic stimulus proposal to improve Shookstown Road, Rosemont Avenue and Patrick Street.

If Clinton's plan passes, Maryland stands to receive an additional $56.7 million in highway and mass transit funds, according to Doug Baj, spokesman for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Cities and counties would then have to bid for the money from the state, he said.

But Mr. Baj said the Patrick Street project would not qualify for funding because it would not be completed this year.

The Clinton plan calls for $3 billion to go for local transportation projects to help immediately create jobs.

Frederick Mayor Paul P. Gordon said that the local road improvement projects are "direly needed" and that the city does not have the money to pay for them.

The three Frederick projects are:

* A two-phase project to improve Shookstown Road by widening the road and installing a south-side sidewalk, storm drains and street lights. The project would cost about $3.5 million and create about 50 jobs.

* Widening Rosemont Avenue and installing sidewalks. That would cost $2.2 million and employ about 80 workers.

* A request for $3.1 million to start work on a three-phase project to upgrade the street, curb, gutter, storm drainage, traffic signal and water mains on East and West Patrick streets. The project would create about 130 jobs.

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