Balkan Update

April 18, 1993

Serb forces fired artillery barrages on the embattled Musli town of SREBRENICA and refused to allow Canadian peacekeeping soldiers as well as a humanitarian aid convoy access to the town. Dozens of Muslims were reported dead or wounded.

In SARAJEVO, the Serb and Muslim commanders agreed in principle to put a cease-fire into effect around Srebrenica, but many other truce attempts have quickly collapsed.

At the UNITED NATIONS, the Security Council scheduled an emergency session to consider imposing impose harsh new sanctions on Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia. Such measures would require Russia to drop its threat to veto a resolution increasing sanctions.

In VIENNA, the International Helsinki Federation, a human rights monitoring group, said the rights abuses in Bosnia amounted to genocide and that the world had failed in its legal obligation to stop systematic murder. The non-governmental organization peace talks in the Bosnian war should be stopped until all sides stop "ethnic cleansing" and allow food to get through to besieged towns.

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