From The Sun April 18-24, 1843April 18: A new steamboat...


April 18, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 18-24, 1843

April 18: A new steamboat called the Baltimore has been placed on the canal route between Philadelphia and this city. She was to start her first trip to this city yesterday.

April 19: The highest cash prices will at all times be given for Negroes of both sexes that are slaves for life. My office is in Pratt Street between Sharp and Howard streets. I am now the largest dealer who is engaged in the trade. Hope H. Slatter.


From The Sun April 18-24, 1893

April 19: The crack of the bat as it met the ball and the swish that followed as the little sphere sailed away into the air filled with delight the hearts of nearly 400 enthusiasts who gathered at Union Park yesterday afternoon.

April 21: Frederick Dallmann, while conversing with Miss Teresa Neus in her mother's boarding house, 2011 McHenry Street, at 10 o'clock last night, drew a pistol from his pocket, pulled the trigger and sent a bullet through his brain.


From The Sun April 18-24, 1943

April 20: Judge Joseph N. Ulman, of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore, a jurist and penologist of national reputation and former president of the Prison Industries Reorganization Board, died suddenly yesterday morning at his home, 2615 Talbot Road, Windsor Hills.

April 21: The big chocolate bunny and stuffed Easter egg that in past Easter seasons brightened candy counters are no more. Candy manufacturers have stopped making them for the duration.

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