Everything old is new again, including bell-bottoms...


April 18, 1993|By Michael Davis

Everything old is new again, including bell-bottoms, peace-sign earrings and granny dresses.

I'd love to say I'll be pulling those old bell-bottom Levis of mine out from the closet, but those babies had a 29-inch waist. I've got 29-inch thighs now.

Of course, my mother threw out all of my clothes from the '60s (along with my Mad magazine and baseball-card collections, a conspiracy all mothers from that era joined in).

But Mom still has snapshots of long-haired me and my hippy-dippy friends, cavorting during the Summer of Love with our McGovern buttons and pukka beads, so sickeningly sweet it's a wonder we didn't give each other cavities.

If your mother has similarly an embarrassing shot of you, circa '68, please send us a copy to be considered for use in Way Back When, our weekly gallery of photographic blasts from the past (see today's picks on Page 16).

Send us your far-out shots of those bushy Afros, those import-knockoff Nehru jackets, those psychedelic Peter Max shirts and those micro mini skirts that got you sent to detention. Mail them to:

Way Back When

Sun Magazine

501 N. Calvert St.

Baltimore, Md. 21278

Since last year, Fred Rasmussen, our resident photo archivist and goodwill ambassador, has been sorting through the mounds of submissions we get each week for Way Back. Fred -- who can be reached weekdays during business hours at (410) 751-7943 or (800) 829-8000 (extension 7943) -- wants you to know . . .

That we prefer high-quality copies of prints, not originals.

That photocopies and newspaper clippings are unsuitable for re-publication.

That photos on subjects we haven't asked for clutter the system and aren't likely to be used, and, finally,

That there will be a 2- to 3-month turnaround time from the day you send us a photo to the day it is returned to you.

Peace, man.

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