Room For One More


April 18, 1993|By YOLANDA GARFIELD

The adventure called family life presents many challenges -- not the least of which is making room for baby when space is tight. Baltimore architect Patrick Sutton of Kaplan Sutton & Associates and his wife, graphic designer Lark Psleegor, parents to Cooper, live in a 12-foot-wide city rowhouse with a single bedroom on the second floor. How could they hope to carve a niche for Cooper?

But Mr. Sutton was only momentarily stumped. A corner of the bedroom that had been lined with bookcases was sacrificed to a nobler cause. A crib was slipped into the space left by the relocated bookcases, and the exposed wall was covered with an inexpensive fabric the color of midnight and featuring a star print. A matching dust ruffle was made for the crib, and handmade, multicolored stars were hung from ribbons above the bed. Voila! A cozy, space-saving nursery.

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