A cottage industry has sprung up around thriftiness."It's...


April 18, 1993|By Copley News Service

A cottage industry has sprung up around thriftiness.

"It's a natural reaction to the excess of the '80s," said Elaine Briggs of the Maine based Tightwad Gazette.

"People's credit cards are maxed out, and their lives are out of control. People are very afraid. They see their friends and neighbors losing their jobs, and they have nothing to fall back on." she said.

The newsletter was founded by Amy Dacyczyns, a Maine mother of six. she decided that if she couldn't earn more income, she would stretch what she already had.

Are you as good at saving money in your home as today's tightwad gurus?

-! Here are some of their ideas:

Install fluorescent light bulbs.

Reupholster a favorite old sofa or chair instead of buying a new one.

Shop with a list, even if it's at a hardware or department store.

Keep meticulous records of everything you spend.

Keep household tools cleaned, oiled and sharpened to avoid costly repair bills.

Pre-pay the principal of your mortgage. Even $10 a month will considerably reduce the interest on it.

Inspect and clean your furnace annually.

Wrap your water heater with insulating material, and install low-flow shower heads.

(To get a sample issue of the Tightwad Gazette, send a self-adddressed, stamped envelope to Amy and Jim Dacyczyns, R.R. 1, Box 3570, Leeds, ME 04263, or call (207) 524-7962.)

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