Around the house* Repair torn holes in which curtain hooks...


April 17, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Repair torn holes in which curtain hooks are threaded at top of shower curtain. Apply clear, waterproof tape to top of curtain and make a new opening with a hole puncher.

* Remove wax from glass (not crystal) candlesticks; Place holders on folded paper towels in microwave and turn on low for one minute. Wax will melt onto paper towels.

* Prepare interior walls for painting. Be sure the area is free of dust and dirt. Fill holes with spackle. Record the amount of paint you use and the name of the color. Write information on the back of a switch plate. Next time, you'll know exactly how much paint you need to buy and the color used.

* Pour leftover cola drink into a streaked toilet bowl and let stand. Swish stains with a toilet brush until faded.

In the garden

* Treat small dead spots -- ringed in green -- in lawn caused by dog urine. Soak areas with water and reseed if necessary.

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