Owls have best of both Bolestas Westminster twins star on opposite ends of field

April 16, 1993|By Glenn P. Graham | Glenn P. Graham,Staff Writer

It's halftime of the Westminster boys lacrosse game at Mount Hebron on Tuesday.

Senior attacker John Bolesta is getting his swollen wrist worked on when his twin brother, Mike, a defender, approaches him in a demanding tone: "Come on, John, we need some goals from you."

Westminster's 3-0 mark was in jeopardy as No. 11 Mount Hebron dominated the first half to build a 7-2 lead. John, who had scored 13 goals in the two previous games, was kept in check during the half, often drawing two Hebron defenders.

The constant pushing the Bolesta twins get from one another began when they first touched a lacrosse stick in the fifth grade.

There are plenty of dirt spots in the Bolestas' backyard where the net they practice with rests. It's moved from time to time by their father. Some broken windows also have been replaced in the seven or eight years.

But Westminster coach Jim Peters says, "They've learned to play some pretty good lacrosse along the way."

On the lacrosse field, little separates the rangy, blond twins aside from John playing up front wearing No. 8 and Mike anchoring a solid Owls defense and wearing No. 37.

Their positions tell a lot about their personalities. John is outspoken and enjoys seeing his name in the newspaper such as after he scored six goals against Liberty or seven against Atholton. Mike is quieter, relentless on opposing attackers and his game is fashioned around consistency.

"It was really kind of weird how we got into our positions," John said.

"The first time we played in rec league, the coach split us up on offense and defense at practice. Our older brother, Bill, played defense, and Mike said that's where he wanted to play. I just wanted to score and get my name in the paper."

Both have learned their positions well.

"The biggest key to their progression is that they grew into their bodies," Peters said.

"Mike does so many different things for us, I really can't say enough about him. One on one, he keeps his feet moving and throws check after check. John just knows where the goal is. He's deceptively quick and has several moves around the crease. He also disguises his shot very well."

Off the field, they're best friends, and as is the case with most twins, they have a few stories about trading places with one another. The most talked-about gag came last year when they switched classes.

"It was pretty much John's idea," Mike said. "It was kind of ironic because the class was very noisy that day, and I was real quiet. The teacher said, 'Why can't you all be quiet like John over there?' "

John said he got called on in his brother's class twice and was relieved to answer both questions correctly. "It was a lot of fun, and we had all the teachers fooled," he said.

The Owls came back to beat Mount Hebron, 10-9, Tuesday to improve to 4-0. The four wins equal their win output of the past two seasons. The talent was always there, but the chemistry was not in recent years.

"This year's just different," Mike said.

"In prior years, there was always tension between everyone. This year, we're all together and having a lot of fun. Not only do I look forward to the games, but I also can't wait to get on the practice field every day."

John and Mike are getting offers from a number of colleges to further their education and play lacrosse. Wherever they go, they plan to go as a package.

But, first things first, and that's finishing out their high school careers on a high note -- starting with tonight's game against perennial county champ South Carroll.

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