Food Lion's Ketner leaves boardFood Lion's co-founder...


April 16, 1993

Food Lion's Ketner leaves board

Food Lion's co-founder Ralph Ketner, saying he is "in disagreement with too many decisions of the management and the board," will step down as a director of the supermarket chain.

Mr. Ketner, who founded Food Lion with his brother, Brown, in 1957, said he disagreed with the handling of recent problems facing the chain. Among the issues were the handling of televised allegations of unsanitary practices, the treatment of congressional hearings on Food Lion and the recent hiring of a new public relations firm.

GM denied new truck crash trial

General Motors Corp. lost its bid yesterday for a new trial in a case where a Georgia couple was awarded $105.2 million for the death of their son in a GMC pickup.

State Judge A.L. Thompson, who presided over the negligence case earlier this year, rejected GM's contention that the trial was riddled with procedural errors and upheld the damage award. Thompson also denied the automaker's attempt to introduce testimony from new witnesses.

The parents of 17-year-old Shannon Moseley of Snellville said their son died because his 1985 GMC pickup exploded after a crash. The explosion, the lawsuit said, was caused by GM's placement of the fuel tank on the side of the truck's frame.

Delta to take large write-off

Delta Air Lines said yesterday that it will take an $82.5 million write-off in the January-March quarter to pay for the retirement of 21 jets and severance payments for 600 pilots who will be laid off.

Delta said last month that it would retire 21 Airbus A310 aircraft as part of a streamlining of its European operations.

Hearing-aid phone rules delayed

Bowing to a wave of protest from businesses and trade associations, the Federal Communications Commission yesterday suspended enforcement of regulations that would have required establishments with 20 or more employees to make all telephones hearing-aid compatible by May 1.

The FCC granted a petition by an organization of telecommunications managers to delay "until further notice" .

rules covering telephones in workplaces, hotels, motels, nursing homes, hospitals and other health-care facilities.

NYSE interested in Comex

The New York Commodity Exchange Inc., the object of a bidding war by rival futures exchanges, is receiving overtures from another source -- the New York Stock Exchange.

Comex spokesman Alan Hanson said yesterday that the NYSE sent a letter to a Comex board meeting "expressing an interest in some type of affiliation."


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