Reporter will tell you, when a story is fairly...


April 15, 1993

AS ANY reporter will tell you, when a story is fairly important, i will be picked up on the state wire service.

When it's really important, it may go across the national wires.

When it's really, really important, the newspaper may even copyright the story.

And if it's really, really, really important, Jay Leno will use it to launch a joke on his late night monologue.

That's what happened with a story that ran the other day in The Evening Sun. It was about President Clinton's choice for a new sandwich to be named after him at Chick & Ruth's Delly in Annapolis. The state capital delicatessen has long been famous for its punch board of lunch offerings named for notable national and state political figures. The article recounted that every president from Lyndon Johnson through George Bush had agreed to have a steak and cheese with onions on a kaiser roll named in their honor. But Mr. Clinton's staff apparently put more thought into this and eventually responded to the deli owners that a turkey on whole wheat, the boss' favorite, would be most appropriate.

We're not sure how much of the story Jay Leno's joke-writers saw, but the Tonight Show host did use a punch line straight from the story:

A more appropriate sandwich choice, offered Mr. Leno, might be bologna.

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