Suspect found in trunk

April 13, 1993

Shortly after two men robbed the Dunkin Donuts in Cockeysville last night, the getaway car was spotted in the city and its driver arrested.

However, it wasn't until the car was towed back to police headquarters in Towson that the second suspect was found hiding in the car's trunk while the vehicle was being processed for evidence.

At 7:11 p.m., a man who implied he had a handgun robbed the donut shop in the 10300 block of York Road of $147 and escaped in a waiting 1987 Hyundai occupied by the driver.

Several minutes later on the Jones Falls Expressway, county homicide detectives Carroll Bollinger and Dean Brubaker spotted the car and pulled it over after it exited the expressway at North Avenue.

The driver, Shawn V. Gilchrist, 20, of the 4000 block of W. Rogers

Ave., was arrested.

A county tow truck arrived and towed the car back to police headquarters in Towson, where crime lab technician Lewis Tippitt began processing it for fingerprints.

"When I opened the trunk to look for more evidence," said Officer John T. Majka, "something was preventing the lid from going up."

When Officer Majka gave the trunk lid a good yank, it opened, revealing a nearly 6-foot tall man in a fetal position.

As Officer Majka and two other officers reached for their handguns, the man cried out, "I give up, I give up."

The man in the trunk, Damon R. Dunsen, 19, of the 5500 block of Wilvan Ave., and Mr. Gilchrist were each charged with robbery and were to have a bail hearing today in Towson District Court.

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