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April 13, 1993

County plans to spray for gypsy moths in May

Anne Arundel County officials plan to spray in Linthicum for gypsy moths during the first week of May.

The Linthicum-Shipley Improvement Association voted to bring in the county spraying program after county officials designated parts of the community as affected areas.

The gypsy moth caterpillar goes through four life stages, turning from egg masses to caterpillars in April, transforming into cocoon-like shells by the middle of June and emerging as moths by late June or early July.

The spraying area includes all streets west of Long Cross Road to Woodland Road. The spray block also includes the ends of Shipley Road and Cleveland Road that are west of the line running south from Long Cross to Shipley Road.

Six acres of property at the end of Woodland and Groveland roads also will be sprayed.

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