Brian Hyuk Chol Cha, 17, of Millersville.School:Severn...


April 12, 1993

Brian Hyuk Chol Cha, 17, of Millersville.

School:Severn School.

Accomplishments/Interests: Brian, a National Honor Society member, maintains a perfect grade point average of 4.O.

As a member of the school's Student Perfects, a leadership group, he is involved with a project for developing a school honor code.

President of the Key Club and an active member for the past three years, Brian has participated in local food drives and sharing programs during holidays. He and other club members have regularly volunteered at the Lighthouse Shelter of Annapolis and will be participating in the county's Christmas in April program, repairing and refurbishing homes of residents who are unable to do the work themselves.

Brian has been on the varsity football, tennis and basketball teams and is on the school newspaper staff and the yearbook committee.

Brian has been accepted at William and Mary, Princeton, Duke and Washington and Lee, but has not decided on a school. He hopes to concentrate his studies on psychology and biology.

Comments: "I think you should give back as much to your school and community as they have given you."

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