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April 12, 1993

County asks permission to dredge boat channel

The county Department of Public Works is seeking permission to dredge and reopen a boating channel through a tributary of Dividing Creek that feeds the Magothy River.

Twenty waterfront owners also have proposed digging spurs from their piers to the main channel.

The main channel would be 1,370 feet long and 60 feet wide. The sand, silt and clay removed from the channel -- 6,100 cubic yards -- will be taken by barge to Carback's Marina at the head of Bodkin Creek and deposited.

The project must be approved by the Army Corps of Engineers and other federal and state agencies. The Corps will accept public comment about the project's impact on the creek until April 26. For more information, call 962-4252 or 962-4253.

BG&E substation plan shown to community

BG&E representatives met with the Greater Severna Park Council board recently to present preliminary planning for a new electric substation between Ritchie Highway and Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard near College Parkway.

The substation is planned for 1998 to accommodate projected increases in electric power requirements in the Severna Park and Broadneck areas. The substation equipment would occupy two to three acres of BG&E's 11-acre wooded property. Its entrance would be from B&A Boulevard.

Numerous environmental issues involved in the construction of the substation include the controversy over electromagnetic fields and the impact on nearby streams.

The GSPC Executive Board will continue to maintain communications with BG&E on the substation and plans to invite representatives to a GSPC meeting. Council officials expressed satisfaction with the way BG&E announced its plans well in advance of any construction, allowing for public debate.

For more information, call Jeff Jefferson of the BG&E Public Affairs Office at 410-255-2032.

Grocery worker charged in theft of cigarettes

A worker at a Severna Park grocery store has been charged with stealing cigarettes.

Police said the Safeway employee put 36 cartons of cigarettes in a trash bag and put the bag out the back door.

He then went out the front door, walked around the building in the 500 block of Benfield Road, and allegedly picked the bag up, police said. They said Store Manager Ray Hinchliffe Jr. and Assistant Store Manager Mark Mercie confronted him and called authorities.

Phillip Collins Thomas, 21, of the 500 block of Cypress Lane in Severna Park was charged with theft. Police said the cigarettes were worth more than $500.

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