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April 12, 1993

Kelly Naylor

School: Oakland Mills High School

Hometown: Columbia

Age: 17

Her accomplishments: She's president of SAVE (Students Against Violations of the Earth), a group that spearheaded the school's effort to cut down waste and increase recycling. Thanks to Kelly and SAVE, the school has started to use recyclable lunch trays and has installed bins to catch aluminum cans and paper, cutting waste by two-thirds.

Kelly sits on the executive board of the Student Government Association and is head delegate to the Howard County Association of Student Councils, serving as the co-chair of its Community Service Committee.

She plays varsity lacrosse and field hockey. Outside of school, she's part of Explorer Search Post 616, a rescue squad that helps find downed planes and missing people in the wilderness. She's also the only female player on her school's ice hockey team, which is part of the Maryland Scholastic Hockey League.

Her comments: We're inheriting a world with a problem that we are just beginning to realize. Our generation of students right now will be the first generation to have a foothold in the second millennium. We have to change people's lifestyles to be more in accordance with the earth.

Her plans: A junior, Kelly sets her sights on studying environmental engineering in college.

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