Two come close one cashes in


April 11, 1993|By DON VITEK

Mike Pringle and Bob Starner have to wonder about the fickle nature of bowling. On the other hand, Ed Amoss, who used to drive streetcars, knows when he's on track.

Pringle, a Mount Airy resident, recently had a chance for back-to-back 200 duckpin games. Starner had a shot at his first 300 tenpin game. Amoss got his career-high duckpin game and series.

Bowling in the Tuesday Men's Independent league at Mount Airy Lanes, Pringle started with a 161 in his first game.

"I only threw two bad balls that game," Pringle said. "But I wasn't striking a lot."

The second game he opened with three spares, added a triple-header, spared, had another strike, opened in the ninth.

His score in the ninth box was 181; a mark and nine would have given him 200. The first ball was a strike. But Pringle broke eight, leaving the 7-10 split. One more pin for the 200.

The next two balls were close . . . but only that, close. His final score was 199.

He came roaring back in the third game -- spare in the first frame, triple-header, two more spares, open in the seventh, spares in the eighth and ninth.

His score in the ninth was 170. A strike in the 10th would bring it up to 180. Another spare and it would have been 200.

His first ball broke seven, leaving an easy three-pinner, but both the second and third balls missed. Final score: 197.

"I still fell pretty good about the 557 series," Pringle said. "You can't feel too bad when you've just thrown your best series."

Starner, born and raised in Carroll County, lives in Westminster. A tenpin bowler his whole life, he averages 185 in two leagues, the Thursday All Stars at Westminster Thunderhead and the Wednesday Scratch at County Lanes.

On April 1, Starner threw his career-high single game, 299.

"I've had 10 strikes in a row in a single game before," he said. "And I've had 12 in a row split over two games but I was sure that this time I had the perfect game in my pocket."

Throwing an X-Caliber ball that he received for Christmas, he has posted some fine numbers in recent weeks.

On that April Fool's day, the left-hander pounded the 1-2 pocket 12 straight times, 11 for strikes.

"The 12th ball was solid in the pocket," Starner said. "I watched the four pin fly around the seven pin and I just couldn't believe it."

He added games of 201 and 171 to that 299 for a 651 series, short of his high set of 714.

Amoss, a native of Howard County, has lived in Carroll for a long time. And a long time ago he used to bowl duckpins.

"It's just been two years that I've started bowling again," Amoss said. "It's great exercise for someone my age [72]. And it's a lot of fun."

Currently averaging 99 in the Thursday Spare Shots at Westminster Thunderhead, Amoss had his duckpin ball on track.

His first game was a 125, the second game was 152 and he capped the set with a career-high 163. That's a 450 series.

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