Listen, JesseI'd like to know why Jesse Jackson is still...


April 11, 1993

Listen, Jesse

I'd like to know why Jesse Jackson is still complaining about the lack of minorities in baseball and has threatened a boycott. All the owners understand the need for more minority participation in baseball's front office and managerial positions, which has increased the number of minority managers in the majors from one just a few years ago to six this season.

So why does Jackson, a man of high education, fail to realize that baseball is not about having a racial quota for managers and front-office people? Baseball is about getting the people who are best qualified for the job.

What Jackson needs to see is that getting the best people for the job is what is important, whether that person be white or

black, man or woman. Look at Susan O'Malley of the Washington Bullets and Frank Robinson of the Orioles, both in the front offices of their respective teams because they are best qualified, not because one of them is black and one is a woman. If Mr. Jackson could see this, he would realize that his proposal to

boycott baseball for this season is ludicrous.

Chris Ellis

Ellicott City

Spirited coverage lacking

Since The Sun is the only paper in town, I refer to the sports pages for the news on all of the world of sports. I am particularly interested in the Orioles, the Spirit and the Skipjacks. Your coverage of the Orioles, Redskins and college basketball is more than adequate. This, however, does not satisfy my needs or wants as a Baltimore sports fan.

The Baltimore Spirit is lost among what The Sun must consider major-league sports. The Spirit is an exciting, Baltimore-bred, major-league soccer team. If the Spirit is lucky enough to hit page 1, 2 or 3, there is generally no more than a short notes box before games stating teams, site, time, radio or television, and a small note on one or two players. There is no information provided on the trials and tribulations of the opposing team and its individual players. If you do not frequent Spirit games, it is really hard to catch on with the opposing teams.

Game stories contain little more than game highlights and goal scorers. There is little importance given to the actual game flow. A Spirit game, like any other game, is more than a scoring and highlight summary. There is nothing to tie a particular play, a particular game, and the overall season together.

The Orioles, Redskins, Bullets, Capitals and Terrapins are all given top-notch coverage. There is quality coverage of individuals, opponents, situations, and leagues. These teams are covered to the extent that you could not be an avid fan of a particular team and read your coverage constantly and get the total picture. These sports are treated with the professionalism and quality that their fans demand.

I feel that the Spirit is being done a disservice by not getting the same level of coverage as the other sports covered by your paper. There is a major hole that could be filled by covering indoor soccer and the Spirit with more dedication and service.

Joel Mehling


Respect, not laughter

I have lived in Maryland all my life, and it has only been recently that Baltimore has received national attention.

Actually, the city deserves more attention and respect, but people tend to remember bad things about us and block out any good. Ask Cleveland: it's a nice city, a lot like Baltimore. It just has a bad reputation.

So when I hear the ridiculous name being thrown around for a possible football franchise my head shakes back and forth. I can just imagine people in other cities laughing at those stupid Marylanders thinking up names like Cobras, Bombers, Studs and Claws. We are naming a football team, not a bowling league. A farewell service should also be held for the Colts. They are gone and will never return. Getting the name back doesn't turn the Mayflower vans around. So please, let's think of a name that other states will envy.

Jeff Wetzel


Baltimore Blockers?

Why all the confusion about a name for a future Baltimore team in the NFL? A part of town that will soon be only a memory could serve dual purposes by reminding us of the past and an appropriate team name. The Baltimore Street area of town, better known as the "The Block," is an obvious choice, thereby

giving us "The Baltimore Blockers."

Jim Gadow


Baltimore Hoosiers?

Boogie Weinglass was right: all the good names for teams are taken. Especially the one that was taken from us -- Colts.

I feel that Mr. Weinglass, of all the prospective owners, just may have the intestinal fortitude to use my suggestion.

He should call the team the Baltimore Hoosiers, and if the Indfolks don't care for that, then we could talk with them.

I'm sure we could reach some agreement concerning the tw

names that have so much tradition and history.

Michael Beatty


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