Don't Take Role Away From ParentsI applaud the stand of...


April 11, 1993

Don't Take Role Away From Parents

I applaud the stand of Del. John Gary in regard to "Schools, Sex and Values" (editorial, March 17). Parents must not be denied the authority and responsibility of training their children in the values to which they adhere. Why should it be assumed that the counselors who are brought in to present explanations and ** console students in the wake of a tragedy or those who teach sex education are giving them wise advice?

If the schools were allowed to concentrate on teaching basic skills such as reading and reading with discernment, the students could learn to find information and use it to form their own opinions. . . . This would be valuable in initiating family discussions. . . .

Dor Cook

Glen Burnie

Bravo For Boschert

I feel compelled to speak out for our 4th District Councilman Dave Boschert, having been a past president of the Federation of West County, a member of the Odenton Improvement Board of Directors and having been on many committees for the betterment of the citizens of Anne Arundel County.

I am impressed with his performance as chairman of our County Council. I was very pleased to hear him put the state environmental people in their place at the Feb. 17 hearing on County Bill 12-93 (Sanitary Landfill or Rubble Landfill Bill). The state environmental representative objected to our bill; it was said that Anne Arundel County was trying to take the state's job. . . . It is time Anne Arundel County took control of the situation, without taking the state's job, with Bill 12-93 giving our citizens better control over our environment. . . .

Jack Meyer


County Employees

As a dedicated and conscientious employee of Anne Arundel County, I resent your editorial of March 2 with particular reference to "Welfare System for Workers?"

Furthermore, your information regarding the total number of county employees (4,700) may be misleading. I personally researched this with the county's personnel department on Feb. 11 for a presentation. I was given the total number of "full-time county employees as 3,320," which included the police and fire departments. . . .

With the proposed reorganization, the Anne Arundel County taxpayers may find themselves with less service and more inconvenience because of the staff reductions and bumping of personnel, both administrative and classified.

. . . On occasion, I have encountered irate people using abusive language. Quite possibly they may be unfamiliar or may not understand that some of the problems or difficulties they are encountering are due to regulations or policies. I take pride in my job and make every effort, as do other employees, to be cordial and cooperative in assisting citizens.

Your article also mentioned "lobbying the County Council and the public." If you have never been unemployed, received an eviction notice or a turn-off notice from the electric company and have young children living at home, how could you know [how] it feels! . . . Helen C. Simpson


Keno Cash

. . . It is imperative first of all to point out that none of us in public office like to have gambling in any form, Keno included, used to balance the budget. However, what your newspaper (and the press in general) consistently fails to point out is that lottery revenues have assisted in funding our state and local governments for years. These revenues aid in funding our educational system, recreational facilities for our youth athletic programs, and public safety services. They also subsidize health care costs for needy citizens and the elderly, including those in nursing homes.

In addition, many church, veteran, civic, community and athletic associations fund many of their programs with bingo, raffles and other forms of gambling. . . .

I am hearing loudly and clearly from my constituents that they oppose any cuts in spending on government programs that affect them or their community, and they will not tolerate new taxes. . . . I can assure you that we will continue to seek alternate solutions to our fiscal problems. When the economy improves, and a reasonable balanced budget is before the Senate, I will join with my colleagues and re-evaluate our reliance on Keno.

Philip C. Jimeno


The writer is state senator in District 31.

Robbing Peter

President Clinton's proposed economic package reportedly contains a $31 billion economic stimulus package. While this is positive for the economy, several misconceptions about the package have arisen in the media.

First, some have inaccurately reported that the package is $31 billion solely dedicated for roads and bridges and transit. Not so. The plan also includes many other items, such as small business loans, community development block grants and worker training programs. Actually, the proposed highway funding portion nationally is just over $3 billion in fiscal year 1993, and it is questionable how fast Congress will act. . . .

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