From The Sun April 11-17, 1843April 11: A wild cat of...


April 11, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 11-17, 1843

April 11: A wild cat of large size was killed one day last week in Frederick. He had accidently missed his way in travelling from the mountains. These animals are rather uncommon in our mountains now-a-days.

April 15: We learn that the fisheries on the Chesapeake and its tributaries have thus far been very successful. Large quantities of shad and herring have been already caught and the prospect is for a plentiful harvest.

From The Sun April 11-17, 1893

April 11: The twenty-eighth annual reunion and banquet of the Union Veterans Association of Maryland was held at the Imperial Hotel last night.

April 15: Mr. Isaac H. Moss, of Govanstown, has in one of his hot-houses a pair of alligators, each about sixteen inches long.

From The Sun April 11-17, 1943

April 11: It may become necessary for the army to take over the Eastern Shore poultry industry to protect its own supplies from black-market operators, Leo H. McCormick, state OPA director, asserted last night.

April 13: Mrs. Jonathan M. Wainwright, wife of Lieutenant General Wainwright, who commanded the American forces in the Philippines when Bataan and Corregidor fell and who is now a prisoner of the Japanese in Formosa, yesterday christened a Liberty Ship here which her son, Capt. Jonathan M. Wainwright 5th, will sail as master.

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