Developer Hill making matching gift Western Maryland library to benefit

April 09, 1993

Martin K. P. Hill, president of Masonry Contractors Inc. of Manchester and parent of a Western Maryland College senior, has offered a matching gift to the Class of 1993, which is seeking to endow a book fund for the Hoover Library.

The senior class, led by Michael L. Razze, class president and senior class gift committee chairman, is more than halfway through a semester-long program to raise $5,000 as a class gift for the library.

Mr. Hill has challenged the class to meet its goal and will donate a like amount. So far, the class has raised nearly $4,000 and expects to reach $5,000 within a month.

The library will use the seniors' gift to establish a fund to generate money with which to buy books for its permanent collection. Only the interest will be used for book purchases. Seniors are being asked to pledge money to the project in gradually increasing increments over the next three years. Mr. Hill is scheduled to give the senior class a check for the fund today.

Mr. Razze encouraged his classmates to support a project that would directly affect the lives of future students. The library was expanded and renovated in 1991 to double its collection to more than 163,000 volumes.

"I'm really happy that the senior class decided to make this idea a reality," said Mr. Razze, a business administration and economics major.

"It leaves a legacy to the college that says a lot about how we feel about the place."

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