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April 09, 1993

DNR approves water-skiing on creek

Water-skiing is here to stay on the Severn River's Maynadier Creek, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources ruled Wednesday.

DNR officials reconsidered the "controlled" slalom ski course approved two years ago after ski groups challenged rules that restrict when it could be used.

The rules prohibit use of the ski course from March 15 to June 15 and limit its use to Mondays through Thursdays, noon to sunset, for the remainder of the year. The restrictions were a compromise between waterfront residents and skiers and are meant to protect aquatic grasses from damage.

"The existing regulations on Maynadier Creek are working well," said DNR Secretary Torrey C. Brown. "They are . . . protecting the environment and maintaining a balanced recreational use of the creek."

A 1991 University of Maryland study of aquatic grasses and water quality found that regulated water-skiing was not having an adverse impact. It concluded that pollutants, primarily nutrients and sediments washing off shore, were responsible poor the loss of aquatic grasses.

The state is monitoring shore erosion and could complete that study later this year.

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