* Mary, Viscountess Rothermere, 62, a philanthropist and...


April 09, 1993

* Mary, Viscountess Rothermere, 62, a philanthropist and socialite, died of heart failure April 1 at a hospital in West Palm Beach, Fla.

* Benjamin Baldwin, 80, an architect and designer known internationally for his simple, timeless interiors, died April 4 from heart complications after a long illness at a nursing home in Sarasota, Fla.

* John E. Adams, 69, former executive director of Holt International Children's Services, a worldwide adoption agency, died of a heart attack Monday in Eugene, Ore.

* George Wagner, 63, archbishop of the Orthodox Church of France and Western Europe, died Tuesday in Paris.

* Robert E. Lee, 81, who helped to mold national telecommunications policy for 29 years as the longest-serving member of the Federal Communications Commission, died of liver cancer Monday at a hospital in Arlington, Va., his hometown.

* Leopold Labedz, 73, a Kremlinologist who lived in London, died at his home there March 22 after a heart attack.

* Louise Polk Wilson Mullikin, 82, who signed President Franklin D. Roosevelt's name to thousands of documents in the 1930s, died March 27 of cancer in Cincinnati.

* Cecil Burton Lyon, 89, a retired career diplomat and former ambassador to Chile and Sri Lanka, died of pneumonia Tuesday at his home in Hancock, N.H.

* Frederick Nicklaus, 55, a poet, died of cancer March 23 at a nursing home in Columbus, Ohio. Two volumes of Mr. Nicklaus's poetry were published: "The Man Who Bit the Sun" and "Cut of Noon."

* Imam Yusuf Shah, 65, a Black Muslim who helped to lead the Nation of Islam's Harlem mosque for 23 years and directed its Fruit of Islam security force in 20 Eastern states, died in his sleep on March 31 at his home in Mount Vernon, N.Y. Mr. Shah, who had heart disease, was a top aide with Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan until they left the organization.

* Phil Santora, 81, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who worked for the New York Mirror and the Daily News, died March 28, two weeks after a stroke.

* Richard H. Growald, 61, a columnist at The San Diego Union-Tribune and a former correspondent for United Press International, died of lung cancer March 30 at his brother's home near Fort Worth.

* Helen B. Rich, 89, a former society columnist who helped organize South Florida charity events, died March 30 of a stroke in Palm Beach. She wrote for The Miami Herald, The Miami News, The Miami Tribune and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

* Winnifred Gillette, 72, a former reporter and photographer for The Tulsa (Okla.) Tribune and a former correspondent for the Tulsa World, died March 30.

* Dwight L. Smith, 84, the retired editor of The Indiana Freemason, died March 27 in Franklin.

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