For 18 trees in Manchester, yesterday was final Arbor Day

April 08, 1993|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Staff Writer

About 18 condemned trees along Main Street in Manchester got a two-day reprieve, thanks to Arbor Day.

Mike Hall of Hall's Tree Experts, who has the contract to remove the trees, said he decided Tuesday to grant a brief stay of execution.

Manchester played host to the countywide Arbor Day celebration yesterday.

"I didn't want a bunch of people [at the celebration] having a big riot with my guys," Mr. Hall said.

The trees, along the west side of Main Street, were marked for removal because they were diseased or because their roots were destroying sidewalks or pavement.

Neil Ridgely, the county's program manager for landscaping and forest conservation, said the Manchester tree commission had voted to remove the trees.

When the trees were planted, Mr. Ridgely said, the town fathers "used the trees that were readily available and inexpensive," such as Norway maple and basswood.

The trees "were really starting to show their years," he said, and some were rotten and a hazard.

The old trees will be replaced with 51 new ones beginning about May 1, said Manchester Councilwoman Charlotte Collett.

Mr. Ridgely said the new trees will include zelkovas, Callery pears and European hornbeam, which are more suitable to Main Street life.

He said the sound of chain saws will be heard around Manchester for a time but that he likes to think of it as "the sound of renewal."

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