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April 08, 1993

Pregnant beef cow worth $800 shot, killed on Thompson Farm

A pregnant beef cow, valued at more than $800, was shot to death in a field around 10 o'clock Saturday morning on the Thompson Farm on Thompson Drive in Marriottsville, police said.

"She was getting ready soon to have a calf," said Marion Harless, the farm owner. "So, I lost two at one time."

Mr. Harless, 74, said he heard a gunshot Saturday morning, but did not notice the cow missing until several days later.

"We don't count 'em everyday," he said.

He thinks someone deliberately fired a high-powered rifle at the cow from nearby I-70. He said the bullet struck the side of the animal and went through the ribs, shattering bone.

Sgt. Gary Gardner said it was the first cow shooting he recalled in his four years as public information offi

cer for the Howard County Police Department.

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