Getting hot over cold night games


April 07, 1993|By BILL FREE

Did you ever wonder why . . .

* High school lacrosse games, such as Monday night's Liberty-Westminster girls game, are played in 30- to 40-degree temperatures and nobody bats an eyelash as long as the calendar reads March or April?

If it were January or February, people would call it inhuman treatment.

* Westminster High rules Carroll County in cross country, track and boys basketball these days but comes up short in girls basketball, wrestling and girls lacrosse?

Of course, if the Owls won the title or came close to championships in all sports, it would take a lot of fun out of Carroll County high school sports.

The smaller schools, such as Francis Scott Key and North Carroll, always get a kick out of beating up on Westminster, which has more than 2,000 students compared to approximately 700 for Key.

* No one is in a hurry to coach football at Liberty and North Carroll?

It's been four months since John Magee resigned at Liberty and Randy Clark stepped down at North Carroll.

Liberty athletic director Bob Henard said this week the school will begin interviewing candidates for the football job in a few days.

Henard said the availability of teaching positions at the school always figures into the equation. Most schools prefer to have a football coach who also teaches at the school.

North Carroll athletic director Ed Powelson said a lack of a teaching vacancy is also a problem in his school's search for a football coach.

* Some baseball games were played in Carroll County this spring on days when lacrosse games were called off?

It's usually the other way around. But South Carroll athletic director Fred Baker said the Cavaliers were able to play baseball at Westminster on March 26 "because some parents went out and got the field ready."

Now that's dedication.

* Early spring lacrosse games in Carroll County are scheduled at night instead of the day, when it would be warmer?

It's nice to play at night when the parents can watch but there are some limits to when it's just too cold to enjoy a game outdoors.

* Longtime rivals North Carroll and Francis Scott Key meet in almost every sport except baseball?

The official word is that the state won't allow Key to play more than the 18 baseball games it has in the Monocacy Valley League. North Carroll is not in the MVL.

However, it seems as if something could be worked out to get Key and North Carroll together in baseball.

It's a healthy rivalry.

And Key coach Bob Caples is chomping at the bit for a game against any county school this season. He has depth in the pitching department.

* Girls teams in the county usually have more freshmen and sophomores starting than boys teams?

Take Courtney Vaughan's loaded Liberty girls lacrosse team this spring, for instance. Vaughan has one freshman and five sophomores starting.

The starters are freshman attacker Nicole Bengermino and sophomore midfielders Amie Rose, Debbi Bourke, Carey Epler and Natalie Hannibal and sophomore defender Kerry Adams.

The 1992 version of North Carroll field hockey was also a very young one, with sophomores spread throughout the lineup.

And one of the top athletes in the county is a sophomore, South Carroll's Amber Clutter.

Clutter -- a strong contender for girls county soccer Player of the Year last fall -- was an excellent point guard last winter for the Cavaliers and is an outstanding tennis player.

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