Ex-Colts kicking for a cause

April 06, 1993

Former Colts who will participate in a soccer contest for charity at halftime of tonight's Spirit-Harrisburg Heat playoff game (years with Colts in parentheses):

Sisto Averno (1953-54), Dick Bielski (1962-63), Ordell Braase (1957-68), Art DeCarlo (1957-60), Marty Domres (1972-75), Doug Eggers (1954-57), Sam Havrilak (1969-73), Bruce Laird (1972-81), Toni Linhart (1974-79), Tom Matte (1961-72), Ron Mayo (1974), Fred Miller (1963-72), Jim Mutscheller (1954-61), Jim Parker (1957-67), Bill Troup (1974-78), Rick Volk (1967-75), Stan White (1972-79), Daniel Whyte (1962) and Steve Williams (1974).

The ex-Colts will kick soccer balls at the goal from various locations on the field and accrue points, depending on distance. Fans may pledge money on the players, as is done in a walkathon. Proceeds will go to the Ed Block Foundation and the St. Vincent's Child Abuse Center.

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