Sykesville pushes alternative to Obrecht Road realignment

April 06, 1993|By Ellie Baublitz | Ellie Baublitz,Contributing Writer

After years of planning to realign Obrecht Road to intersect Route 32 at Springfield Avenue, county officials have decided extending Third Avenue past Fairhaven to Route 32 might be more feasible.

Last night, the Sykesville Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously voted to recommend the Third Avenue extension with a traffic light or a bridge with ramps at Route 32.

"When we started thinking about it and using some common sense, we realized the Obrecht Road realignment wasn't doing anybody any good and people probably weren't going to use it," said Town Manager James L. Schumacher.

After discussing the idea with Fairhaven representatives, who had agreed to give up land for the Obrecht Road project, the town asked county and state officials to consider the alternative plan. The county commissioners are expected to discuss the matter today with Public Works staffers.

The new plan, Mr. Schumacher said, "is shorter, might be cheaper, is a more direct route and might be safer." The extension also would save some woodland and a stream in the path of the Obrecht Road plan.

Town Engineer Robert Bond showed a rough sketch of the plan that called for right turns from Route 32 onto Third Avenue and from Third Avenue onto Route 32 with merging lanes. Springfield Avenue from Route 32 to Third Avenue would be closed.

Former Town Councilman Charles Mullins said he had once suggested a bridge across Route 32 with ramps coming off the town road, which would eliminate the need for a traffic light.

Some commission members said they liked the bridge idea, but they expressed concern about the cost and maintenance.

Money for the project was set aside by the county several years ago, but no estimates for the new option were given.

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