Cross-dresser shot, killed by city police officer Tried to draw weapon, police say

April 05, 1993|By Richard Irwin | Richard Irwin,Staff Writer

A 43-year-old man dressed as a woman was shot and killed early today in a North Baltimore home as he reached for a handgun while city police questioned him about an earlier shooting, police said.

Police said an unidentified officer fired one shot from a shotgun through an open, screened window into the house, in the 1000 block of Dartmouth Road, striking the victim, who fell to the floor. The victim was taken to Sinai Hospital and was pronounced dead about 2 a.m.

Police said the victim, whose identity was withheld until relatives could be notified, was dressed in women's clothing and was known to them as a cross-dresser.

Police said a loaded automatic handgun was found on the living-room floor next to the victim. Also in the house were a .30-caliber Army carbine with a banana clip containing 30 rounds as well as about 1,000 rounds of large-caliber ammunition, police said.

Northern District officers said they were called to the Super Fresh market in the 6200 block of York Road about midnight by an unidentified man who reported that a woman fired several shots at him as he drove from the Dartmouth Road house following an argument.

Police said the man's pickup truck was peppered with bullet holes.

Police said they went to the house but were refused entry.

During a brief standoff, the officers realized the occupant was armed, and they attempted to negotiate from the porch.

The occupant refused to talk, but at one point invited the police inside. They declined.

While the occupant of the house stood in the living room and talked to police through an open window with a screen between them, police saw the person reaching for a weapon secreted in clothing.

Police said an officer standing nearest the window fired one shot from a 12-gauge shotgun, hitting the occupant of the house, who fell to the floor.

The police entered and found a fully loaded semiautomatic handgun near the occupant, who was taken to Sinai Hospital, where he died.

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