Duet Discordant in a Sonnet Scene

April 05, 1993|By Tim Baker

Remember that first time, when your brown eyes

Looked up, longing, into my

) into yours? Big and blue?

No. As I recall, you looked down, tongue-tied,

Enraptured, into mine.

You misconstrue.

You know you started staring first.

Why must

We search for romance there?

# In love, courtships

Entice our eyes with eyes.

% You'd think that lust

Would rather leer at loins or limbs or lips.

2& Romantic eyes will reconnoiter, go

As scouts in search of what would please our hearts.

fire our hearts!

Inflame our passions!

& But these windows show

A view profound, of higher, nobler parts.

or more erotic arts.

8, I find that somewhere in your eyes I see

Reflections unifying you and me.

electrifying you and me!

& glorifying you and me.



pacifying you

gratifying me




terrifying you

horrifying me.

7+ So clearly somewhere in our eyes we see

Reflections mystifying you and me.

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