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April 05, 1993

Warrior Run

The proposed Warrior Run power plant in Western Maryland can never be anything but a win-lose situation. With the plant's start-up pushed back from 1996 to 1999, tempers may cool, but the problem of using a co-generator as a mine-mouth facility for Potomac Edison won't go away.

Federal law encourages the independent construction of "efficient" power plants while at the same time discouraging utilities from building their own power plants.

Unfortunately, the environmentalists picked the co-generator as the most efficient because it performs two jobs. But, it isn't so. No way, no how.

Both directives, the deregulation of the power industry and the use of the co-generator, will not lower the cost of electricity as promised. Both directives guarantee that the cost of electricity will increase.

In a plant like Brandon Shores, chemically pure water is treated like gold. Thousands of extra dollars were spent to install equipment that catches drips and leaks. That water is then directed to the condenser to be used over again.

In a co-generator producing electricity and process steam, all the steam condensate is lost in the manufacturing process.

Justification for the co-generator fits when the thinking is reversed. In a manufacturing process that requires steam, it makes sense to invest the additional dollars to add the capability to supply the power needs of the plant.

Let's look at this by example. Thee main pruposee of BRESCO's Russell Street plant is to burn garbage. By investing in additional equipment, it is able to use the waste heat to generate electricity which is sold to BG&E. By no stretch of the imagination is BRESCO a suitable plant for BG&E.

The idea to build a mine-mouth plant in Western Maryland must not die. All the resources are there: fuel, the distribution system, trained personnel, etc.

Not only would Western Maryland prosper, so would the rest of the state as cheap power is made available. All we need is the right solution, the right power plant.

Even an efficient plant in Western Maryland would have its special problems.

As demand dropped, the plant would have to shut down for the night. To keep the plant operating a full day every day, a pumped water facility must be included. It follows that the man-made lake could be a recreational facility, closing the circle.

What is needed in Western Maryland is not complex. What is complex is how and why we granted people outside the government the power to come into Maryland to tell us the kind of power plant we can build, where we can build it, who can build it and what the rate-payer should pay for it.

It doesn't follow that what is good for the environmentalist is necessarily good for us.

What is good for Maryland is in the hands of the governor. At least he has three years to think about it.

Martin Sanders



The recent murder of Dr. David Gunn is an act of violence not condoned by the pro-life movement.

Like John Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan, Michael Griffin is an emotionally ill person who acted out his own agenda. The true spirit of the pro-life movement in America has been and will continue to be one of non-violence.

Contrary to recent claims by pro-choice leaders, there is no

organized terrorism within the pro-life movement. Prayer and the singing of hymns while blocking abortion clinics can hardly be labeled terrorist activity. Pro-life advocates conform to the instruction found in Proverbs: "If you remain indifferent in time of adversity your strength will depart from you. . . . Rescue those being led to the slaughter."

Calls for anti-terrorist legislation, both federal and state, are misguided and unnecessary.

Pro-life people are simply exercising their constitutional right to protest what we regard as an evil allowed by present law. When a government permits the burning, poisoning and dismemberment of unborn children through abortion, it is not the same government about which Thomas Jefferson said:

"The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government."

Carol Jean Fenchak

Anthony J. Sacco


Free Speech

It surprised me to see that one of your regular columnists advocates illegal activities. In his commentary March 14, Roger Simon said that ''the FBI should have been ordered to infiltrate some anti-abortion groups a long time ago, just like it has infiltrated the Klan and other hate groups.''

You should know a few facts about the Ku Klux Klan Act. It is a civil rights act intended to prevent racial discrimination; however, its tortured misinterpretation led to the persecution, prosecution and imprisonment of many pro-lifers.

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