In Parrott, Libraries Lost A Great FriendIt has recently...


April 04, 1993

In Parrott, Libraries Lost A Great Friend

It has recently come to my attention that Harford County Council member Joanne Parrott has been replaced as a trustee of the Harford County Library. This is a great loss to the library community as a whole and to the citizens of Harford County.

I have served with Ms. Parrott as a delegate to the Governor's Conference on Libraries and Information Services, as well as the White House Conference on Libraries and Information Services. Ms. Parrott has been an outstanding advocate for libraries and has been one of the most supportive public officials. She has devoted her time and energies to libraries in such an enthusiastic manner that she is known throughout the library community by the term she uses to describe herself, as a "cheerleader for libraries."

What a way to repay someone who has diligently and unselfishly given her time and energy to further libraries in her county, state and nationally. . . . At a time when libraries are in need of support . . . a loss of such a tremendous advocate will be sorely felt.

Josef B. Brown


Transfer Tax

The Community Coalition of Harford County supported local ballot Question A last November. It was the forerunner of two important bills that are currently before the Harford County Council.

These two bills are 93-2 (Purchase of Development Rights) and 93-3 (1 Percent Real Estate Transfer Tax). The coalition realized the importance of rural preservation, and many members worked diligently to promote Question A. The result was a landslide victory.

Now, with the recent approval of the Rural Plan, Bills 93-2 and 93-3 are the next crucial steps that must be taken to implement Harford County's new rural strategy.

The Community Coalition supports the goals of Bills 93-2 and 93-3, and hopes that the legislative process will refine these bills and make them the best they can be.

With the overwhelming approval of Question A last fall, the voters of Harford County have sent a clear signal to their elected officials to follow through on the rural preservation commitment. Please reinforce the vote by contacting your local elected

council representative.

Bruce Wells

Bel Air

The writer is president of the Community Coalition of Harford County.

Bel Air's Election

I would like to thank all of the citizens of Bel Air who supported their candidate of choice, by voting in the recent town election. It is through active participation such as this that we realize government by the people, for the people.

I would also like to thank the Aegis, The Sun for Harford County, and WHRF radio for providing the space and time so all of the candidates could express their thoughts and concerns. It was encouraging to see so many individuals who were interested in serving our community.

Russell O. Poole

Bel Air

The writer was recently elected as a Bel Air commissioner.

'Pro-Life' Shooting

As a supporter of the pro-life movement, first let me say that the shooting death of Dr. David Gunn by Michael Griffin was completely contrary to our belief in the sanctity of all human life.

Unfortunately, pro-choice supporters refuse to see this for what it is, an isolated incident of fanaticism. Instead, as I expected, they have chosen to disparage all pro-life supporters, labeling them as "religious fanatics" or even "terrorists."

On a recent edition of ABC-TV's "Nightline," a representative from the National Abortion Rights Action League commented on how "frightening" it was that some pro-life groups were torn between their regret over the death of Dr. Gunn and their concern for the lives of unborn children.

Is such ambivalence merely warped logic? Maybe. But . . . if one of the conservative justices on the Supreme Court were to die in a similar shooting incident, would we hear the same hue and cry from the pro-choice camp? Probably not. Why? Because that would open the door for Bill Clinton to appoint a liberal justice to the court who would support the woman's right to abortion, which is precisely the goal of the pro-choice movement.

In the words of Lord Chancellor Thomas Erskine: "It is fit, on the account, that there should be a solemn pause before we rush to judgment."

Christopher Boggs

Bel Air

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