Volunteer: Shawn Stevenson of Severn.Volunteer Work: Age...


April 04, 1993

Volunteer: Shawn Stevenson of Severn.

Volunteer Work: Age worked against Shawn the first time she applied for North Arundel Hospital's Junior Volunteer program.

She was only 13 and the minimum age for joining was 15.

A year later, when the hospital lowered the age, she reapplied and was accepted.

Shawn, a high school sophomore, says she is using her volunteer experience to pave the way for a career in nursing.

Although as a junior volunteer she is restricted to clerical duties and support services such as reading or helping to feed patients, she is not limited to what she can learn by watching.

Recently she had one of her more interesting experiences at the hospital when she was allowed to visit the morgue and observe some of the procedures in that department.

Since she started at North Arundel about eight months ago, she has logged more than 80 hours of service. She spends about three hours one day a week at the hospital and plans to increase her commitment during the summer.

Shawn says becoming a junior volunteer is not a difficult process.

Interested teen-agers should fill out an application at the hospital. Two references are required, one of which must be the student's guidance counselor and the other someone who is not a relative. Once the application is reviewed and accepted, an orientation is scheduled by one of the hospital's volunteer directors.

Comment: Shawn says her volunteer work at the hospital is "a lot of fun" and that "all the nurses and staff at the hospital are very nice and very helpful."

Organization's Comments: Diane Alotey, co-chairwoman of the junior volunteers, says Shawn "is an exceptionally bright young lady. The patients just love her. We're very fortunate to have her and we hope she plans on staying with us."

To recommend someone to be in the "Volunteer Spotlight," call the Anne Arundel Bureau, 315-8911 or 1-800-829-8000, Ext. 8911, any time or fax nominations to 315-8916 or mail them to: The Sun For Anne Arundel, 8131 Ritchie Highway, Pasadena 21122.

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