25 Years Ago* Police Chief Elmer F. Hagner announced that...


April 04, 1993|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

25 Years Ago

* Police Chief Elmer F. Hagner announced that Anne Arundel County is the first Maryland county to launch war against crime via a computer. Five location images are used to show concentrations in juvenile crime, larceny, auto theft, breaking and entry and auto accident statistics. -- Anne Arundel County Kuethe Library files, March 7, 1968.

* The Anne Arundel County House delegation has approved a county real estate transfer tax of up to 1 percent on all real estate sold in the county. It is estimated that this tax would bring in close to $1 million a year in revenue, which is needed to help offset the $660,000 in taxes which would be lost if the General Assembly gives its approval to a statewide ban on slot machines. -- The Sun, March 14, 1968.

* The Anne Arundel County school administration is still refusing to take out county building and inspection permits. "We don't take out permits," county Superintendent Dr. David S. Jenkins ,, said. "Our lawyers have told us we don't need any damn permits." His position is based on a portion of the state code giving the superintendent the power to establish standards and guides for construction of public schools. -- The Sun, March 20, 1968.

50 Years Ago

* $17,326 in war bonds and stamps have been sold by pupils of Germantown School. Anne Slaven, a sixth grader, sold the most bonds -- $4,500 worth. -- Anne Arundel County Kuethe Library files, March 1, 1943.

* James S. Whipple, the oldest resident of Annapolis, who was 108 last Christmas, died Wednesday. -- The Sun, March 6, 1943.

* The new Anne Arundel County police bill will create the office of lieutenant and reduce the number of sergeants to four and provides for no less than 19 officers. Officers' salaries will be from $1,440 to $1,800 per year. -- The Sun, March 30, 1943.

75 Years Ago

* The state's $3 million road loan program as introduced in the Senate includes for Anne Arundel County rebuilding Severn River Bridge, South River Bridge, Priest Bridge at Camp Parole and Central Avenue through Davidsonville. -- The Sun, March 23, 1918.

* The Maryland House has passed a bill appropriating $125,00 for the construction of a state road from Annapolis to Washington. The route is to be known as the National Defense road. The appropriation failed two years ago when the lowest bid was $20,000 per mile. -- The Sun, March 29, 1918.

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