Faster Growth Is No VictoryTo say the least, I was very...


April 04, 1993

Faster Growth Is No Victory

To say the least, I was very disappointed and angry that the County Council approved the rezoning of Waverly Woods II. This was another failed attempt to save the county from higher density and what that brings.

In my opinion, more people and more businesses don't add up to "strengthening the financial viability of the county" as stated in the Feb. 1 editorial of The Sun. Higher density calls for millions of dollars to build and improve roads and schools to accommodate these people.

The Sunpapers states that the "county as a whole can claim a significant victory here." Zoning that brings commercial business, condominiums and apartments is no victory for our once-peaceful and semi-rural residential area. I deplore the decisions of [council members] Mrs. [Shane] Pendergrass, Mr. [C. Vernon] Gray, Mr. [Charles] Feaga and Mr. [Darrell] Drown for what this will mean to our neighborhood. Mr. [Paul] Farragut was the only one to vote against rezoning of this 682-acre parcel and many thanks to him for that. . . .

Woodstock, Marriottsville, Alpha Ridge, Allenford, Maplewood and Waverly I will be changed forever when this project is in progress. We will have seen the last of fields, meadows, horses and country roads. What we will see is more traffic, dirt, crime and crowded schools. If anyone can show me how that equals a victory for the county, I'm ready to listen.

M. Jane Doyle

Ellicott City

pTC The writer is president of the Allenford Community Association.


The Sun editors have stated, "we" support Howard County efforts to increase the rate of growth in the county. The planning board says, "we" find the schedule for comprehensively rezoning the county too restrictive. The planning department says "we" have to move along expeditiously to plan for the increased pressure for growth in Howard County. The county executive has told the Chamber of Commerce that "we" are not going to let the "no growth" advocates dictate the county plans. Councilman Charles Feaga says it is a done deed, "we" cannot stop the process, "we" have a schedule to meet.

The superintendent of schools has announced that the impact of the comprehensive land development plans, adopted by the sitting council in 1990, means an 11,000-pupil increase in the number of students to be handled between now and 1999. At a recent County Council hearing, the council chairman asked the school representative to explain how they could explain such growth in the numbers when the schools in her district were already overcrowded. The questions that followed from the council members, about who was responsible, were enough to shock most of the people that were present. There was also an illegal amendment on the table to change the name of the mixed-use district in one part of the county. . . .

Putting the spin on the news and editorials that the "no growth" activists are standing in the way of progress is a smoke screen. . . . It is time all of "us" convey the message to the county officials that they must recognize that the "we" they constantly refer to is "us" -- as in government of the people, by the people and for the people.

James M. Holway

Ellicott City

Television And War Toys

On March 13, you ran an article about how kids at Pointer Run Elementary School in Clarksville were challenged to go without TV for a week. The article was very good, but I am appalled at the picture above the article.

The picture shows three kids playing with toy guns. Yes, the kids aren't watching TV, but they are imitating the violence that they see on TV . . . I hope that in the future people who make TV shows will decrease the amount of violence on TV.

Garrett Bucks (Age 12)

Ellicott City


. . . We read that the networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) have agreed to show less TV violence as entertainment. This is a wise step in the right direction and one desired by many for a long time . . .

It is known that young people are particularly influenced by exposure to violence. They can be confused by it. They can be hardened by it and accept it all too easily as a solution or outlet. It is depressing to see a leading toy store advertise a Micro Machine Military Battleground, "the ultimate battlefield -- bridge blows up, building collapses and tower falls -- ages 4 and up." . . .

TV violence and war toys harm emotionally and possibly, spiritually. They are not catharsis. Laughter and compassion are catharsis. . . . Regardless of our differences, we all share a vision of our children and grandchildren's future -- a future that reduces the ugly and violent and which reflects . . . more light. . . .

Virginia Bates


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