MONDAYSENATE* Budget and Taxation: HB215, HB722, HB1211...


April 04, 1993



* Budget and Taxation: HB215, HB722, HB1211, HB1263, HB1612, tax laws; HB269, community colleges funding formula; HB453, state payments for Cecil County education; HB527, Frederick County fire and rescue revenues; HB611, county transportation revenue bonds; HB714, Frederick County public facilities bonds; HB1276, State Fire, Rescue and Ambulance Fund, 1 p.m., Room 100.


* Appropriations: SB93, SB247, SB319, SB397, SB402, SB723, SB800, SB894, retirement and pensions; SB666, state budget reductions in appropriations to counties; SB823, vending facilities for the blind, 1 p.m., Room 130.


* Budget and Taxation: HB1525, inmate welfare funds; HB1581, University of Maryland System enhancement of continuing education, 1 p.m., Room 100.

* Economic and Environmental Affairs: HB1369, physician assistant prescribing; HB1434, attendance and enrollment data for elementary and secondary education.

* Finance: HB341, HB1586, Department of Economic and Employment Development; HB343, Commission on African-American History and Culture, Commission on Indian Affairs and Maryland Historical Trust; HB595, tri-county councils for Southern and Western Maryland; HB729, regulation of industrial scrap metal processors; HB889, MNCPPC collective bargaining rights; HB1111, Howard County Economic Development Authority; HB1368, Mental Hygiene Administration; HB1383, Work Force Investment Board; HB1399, assistance to employees of closed state facilities; HB1451, continuing education for insurance agents and brokers; HB1530, notice to third party claimant of payment by insurer to claimant's attorney; HB1590, Maryland Tourism Development Board and Advisory Committee on Tourism; HB1611, property insurance premium tax, 1 p.m., presidential wing.


* Economic Matters: SB147, Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund; SB312 uniform commercial code for leases; SB389, SB451, SB535, insurance bills; SB483, licensure for ambulance services; SB912, banks, 1 p.m., Room 150.

* Environmental Matters: SB117, Environmental Trust Fund extension; SB291, Maryland egg Law; SB500, sale of mercuric oxide batteries; SB578, pollution prevention; SB601, rechargeable batteries; SB817, dual party telephone relay program; SB849, nontidal wetlands; SB851, Hazardous Waste Facilities Siting Program; SB859, Office for Children, Youth and Families; SB893, Maryland Environmental Service, 1 p.m., Room 150.

* Ways and Means: SB659, SB660, SB661, SB731, tax laws, 1 p.m., Room 110.


* Environmental Matters: SB207, alcohol and drug dependency treatment; SB362, dental hygienists; SB371, Board of Physician Quality Assurance Fund and Board of Nursing Fund; SB454, long-term medical assistance; SB492, State Board of Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers, and Speech Language Pathologists; SB524, state facilities hiring practices; SB571, Cecil County miscellaneous boards; SB649, Oil Contamination Site Environmental Cleanup Fund and underground storage tank upgrade and replacement; SB673, access to and preservation of burial sites; SB833, hunting laws; SB857, Department of Agriculture, 1 p.m., Room 160.

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