Redskins, 49ers White finalists

April 03, 1993|By Vito Stellino | Vito Stellino,Staff Writer

Scratch the New York Jets from the field in the Reggie White Derby.

The Jets announced yesterday that White's agent, Jimmy Sexton, notified them that White had officially eliminated them from the race.

"He has decided to stay in the NFC," said Dick Steinberg, the general manager of the New York Jets.

Sexton contradicted that when he said the Cleveland Browns haven't been eliminated yet.

But Sexton indicated strongly that an NFC team will be the winner. "History would tell you that if you want to win a Super Bowl, you've got to play in the NFC," he said.

Although the Green Bay Packers have made the best offer ($17.2 million for four years), all indications are that White has narrowed the field to the San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Redskins because he thinks he has the best chance to win a Super Bowl with one of those two teams. They've won a total of seven Super Bowls since 1981.

White's main problem is that the 49ers are limited to spending $14.4 million over four years because they were a top four team.

"What he has to do is sit back and decide if he thinks San Francisco is the best place to win a Super Bowl and is he willing to sacrifice several million for that," Sexton said.

There's no limit to what the Redskins can offer, but they've balked so far at going to the $4 million-a-year figure White has set.

White had indicated he'd make up his mind over the weekend, but Sexton, who hopes to attend the Final Four in New Orleans, indicated yesterday he might not make a decision before Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Redskins played host to linebacker Larry Kelm of the Los Angeles Rams at Redskin Park yesterday. The Redskins are looking at Kelm and Tyrone Stowe of the Phoenix Cardinals as inside linebackers.

The Redskins, who have yet to sign a free agent from another team, hope to announce the signing of wide receiver Tim McGee of the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday.

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