Husband arrested in killing Woman was found dead 7 years ago BALTIMORE COUNTY

April 02, 1993|By Glenn Small | Glenn Small,Staff Writer

Yesterday, more than seven years after Frances "Kay" Snyder was beaten in the driveway of her Relay home, dragged into a nearby culvert and left to die, Baltimore County police arrested her husband and charged him with her murder.

William L. Snyder, 52, of the 1800 block of Clark Blvd. surrendered to county police at noon. He had been indicted March 22, but apparently was out of town, said E. Jay Miller, county police spokesman.

A District Court commissioner declined to set a bail for Mr. Snyder, who will have a bail review hearing today before a county judge.

Mrs. Snyder, 43, the mother of five children, was murdered on Valentine's Day in 1986. Mr. Snyder reported that he found her badly beaten body in a wooded area across from their Clark Boulevard home.

Homicide detectives long suspected Mr. Snyder of killing his wife. He was the beneficiary of a $200,000 life insurance policy and his fingerprints were on her shoes, which had been tossed beside the body.

Mr. Snyder maintained his innocence throughout the early investigation. He acknowledged that he and his wife had marital problems, but he insisted that they had worked out their problems just before her death. He said he helped his wife put on her shoes because her jeans were too tight for her to bend over. That's how his fingerprints got on her shoes, he told police.

Yesterday, Mr. Miller said he was not sure what new evidence, if any, led to Mr. Snyder's arrest.

Three years ago, in an interview with The Sun, Mr. Snyder complained that he was being victimized by a frustrated Police Department.

"I am the husband," he said then. "I'm the one who last saw her, and I am the one who found her. That makes me their No. 1 suspect, and I can understand that."

Police had found Mrs. Snyder's car parked several blocks away. Initially, they thought that she had been robbed because her purse had been rifled. But that was ruled out when they found that her cash, credit cards and $2,600 diamond wedding band had not been stolen.

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