Rookies to watch

April 02, 1993

Wilfredo Cordero, Expos, shortstop: The only .300 hitter in Puerto Rican Winter League this past off-season. Doesn't Montreal have enough good, young players?

Tim Salmon, Angels, outfielder: Nearly won the Pacific Coast League Triple Crown and is expected to play every day. He also may strike out every day.

Mike Piazza, Dodgers, catcher: Tom Lasorda will give his godson every chance to make it. Good thing he can play.

Bret Boone, Mariners, second baseman: The reason Harold Reynolds is in Baltimore.

Troy Neel, Athletics, DH: The reason Harold Baines is in Baltimore.

David Nied, Rockies, pitcher: Will get lots of starts but probably will have a Rocky Mountain-high ERA.

J. T. Snow, Angels, first baseman: His father, former receiver Jack Snow, went deep; J. T. is better at moving the ball upfield with line drives.

Carlos Garcia, Pirates, second baseman: A converted shortstop, may not be the leaper Jose Lind was, but he'll jump-start more rallies.

Mike Trombley, Twins, pitcher: How many Duke standouts does the state of Minnesota really need?

Jeff Conine, Marlins, first baseman: A world-class racquetball player, he'll be bouncing hits off Joe Robbie Stadium's walls.

Ryan Thompson, Mets, outfielder: Chestertown native has enough speed to run both the bases and his mouth. The New York media will love him until they hate him.

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