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* Attempting to establish himself by following up on a breakthrough season. Will be hard pressed to duplicate 21-home run, 80-RBI, 53-stolen base performance. His .271 average in 1992 was 33 points higher than his career mark, but he's always been touted as having the potential to hit .300. His speed provides a lot of defense in the outfield and creates a lot of havoc on the bases. He draws a lot of walks (98 last year),

making him an ideal leadoff hitter.

* Age: 29. * Height: 6-1. * Weight: 195. * Bats: Left. * Throws: Left 49 TODD FROHWIRTH P

* His deceptive, underhand delivery makes him very tough on right-handed hitters. A find as a minor-league free agent in 1991, he has appeared in 116 games over the last two years (11-6, 2.18 ERA, 202 1/3 innings). Used almost strictly as a set-up man, but also can pitch in long relief or in the closer's role if necessary. Still needs to work on a quicker delivery to prevent stolen bases and to develop an effective pitch against left-handed hitters. Overall, he ranks among the best in the game at his specialty, which is setting up the closer.

* Age: 30. * Height: 6-4. * Weight: 205. * Bats: Right. * Throws: Right.


* This could be the year he gets the chance to play regularly in the big leagues. Hit 13 home runs in half a season in 1991, but only five (in 198 at-bats) last season, when he played sparingly early in the year. Noted for a quick bat, he has deceiving power, as his 99 career minor-league home runs will attest. He is adequate defensively, with an accurate throwing arm.

* Age: 27. * Height: 5-10. * Weight: 185. * Bats: Left. * Throws: Left.


* After hitting over .300 for four straight years, winning two batting titles and finishing second twice, he is designated to play somewhere in the big leagues this year. Erratic defense and base running have hurt him in the past, but there is little question about his offensive skills. Has the speed to steal bases (141 in the minor leagues) and is an excellent bunter. But he has only a remote chance of cracking the starting lineup and probably will be traded if the Orioles get the right offer.

* Age: 25. * Height: 6-3. * Weight: 193. * Bats: Right. * Throws: Right.


* Could be the most vital addition to the middle of the Orioles' lineup. If he can duplicate his numbers of a year ago (16 home runs, 76 RBI) he should fit comfortably between Cal Ripken and Glenn Davis. Although not considered strictly a pull hitter, he should be able to take advantage of the right-field dimensions at Camden Yards. Will be used primarily as a designated hitter, but

will play some in right field, mostly at home.

* Age: 34. * Height: 6-2. * Weight: 195. * Bats: Left. * Throws: Left.


* After two seasons, his potential still hasn't been fully tapped. His defense is adequate at third base, though his throwing has been erratic at times. Has enough power to hit 20 home runs (17 last year) and should be able to drive in 75 runs with a healthy year. Recurring shoulder injuries have been a problem in the past. Still adjusting to big-league pitching. This could be a pivotal year for 26-year-old.

* Age: 26. * Height: 6-0. * Weight: 208. * Bats: Right. * Throws: Right.


* He is the classic example of what can happen to a young pitcher faced with unrealistic expectations. A power pitcher trying to master the rudiments of his craft, he still is adjusting to major-league hitters. But there is still potential waiting to be tapped. Under normal conditions, his record last season (13-13, 4.24 ERA) would be considered good for his first full year in the big leagues. He should be ready to take another major step this year and 16-18 wins, or more, is not out of the question. He has the ability to dominate more than any other starter on the staff, which is why it's easy to forget he's only 25 years old.

* Age: 25. * Height: 6-7. * Weight: 212. * Bats: Right. * Throws: Right.


* He's probably the biggest bargain on the pitching staff. Obtained last spring from the Yankees, he came with a reputation for wildness, but instead showed one of the best arms on the staff. Could be moved into a starter's role if necessary, but his performance last year in long relief (10-4, 2.61 ERA) figures to keep him in that role at least another year. Control remains his biggest problem, but it wasn't nearly as bad as advertised last year (54 walks in 103 1/3 innings). With minimal improvement in that area, he will provide the Orioles with a lot of attractive alternatives.

* Age: 26. * Height: 6-1. * Weight: 192. * Bats: Both. * Throws: Right.


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