Stranger saves stricken cabbie

April 01, 1993|By Newsday

NEW YORK -- Somewhere in this often callous city there is a stranger who cabbie John Christodoulou would like to thank for saving his life.

Mr. Christodoulou, who is 58 and in critical condition in the coronary care unit at St. Vincent's Hospital here, was driving his cab Monday night when he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

He pulled over to the curb, unable to help himself or find anyone to help him. It was 9:30 p.m., and the street was deserted.

Then a young man, walking with a young woman, came by.

"My father asked him, 'Will you please call an ambulance?' " Evelyn Christodoulou said yesterday. "The gentleman said, 'Move over, I'll drive you to St. Vincent's. It's two blocks away.' "

Leaving his friend on the sidewalk, Mr. Christodoulou's Good Samaritan jumped into the cab and drove it to the emergency ambulance entrance at the hospital.

Once there, the doctors took over. The young man parked the cab at the front entrance of the hospital and put a sign in the window reading: "Please don't tow. Driver in emergency room." Then he left.

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