Police probe attempted abduction Boy, 10, unharmed in incident Monday NORTH -- Manchester * Hampstead * Lineboro

March 31, 1993|By Bill Talbott and Katherine Richards | Bill Talbott and Katherine Richards,Staff Writers Pat Brodowski contributed to this article.

Hampstead police are investigating a report of an attempt to abduct a 10-year-old Monday as he was walking home from Spring Garden Elementary School.

The fifth-grader, who was not touched or injured, told town Police Chief Kenneth F. Russell that he and another 10-year-old were walking on Boxwood Drive in the Roberts Field community about 3:30 p.m. when a white van stopped beside them and the passenger called to them, "Come here and get in the van."

The boy told Chief Russell he began running away. He reported that the passenger, whom he described as a tall white male, possibly a teen-ager, got out and chased him for a short distance before returning to the van.

Chief Russell said the boy described the van as a work-type vehicle with no windows or markings, occupied by two white males.

The chief declined to identify the boy who made the report and said he was unable to obtain the name of the second child, who reportedly fled in the opposite direction when the van stopped.

Chief Russell said he went to Spring Garden yesterday afternoon, expecting to find the second child as he walked out of school with the first boy questioned.

However, word of the Monday incident had spread throughout the area, and so many parents had come to school in their cars to pick up their children that he was unable to find the boy, he said.

Larry Bair, principal of Spring Garden, said yesterday only that "one of the children was talked to by an individual."

He said safety lessons are a regular part of the curriculum. At the close of school yesterday, teachers reminded the children to follow the usual safety precautions, such as walking on sidewalks and not talking to strangers.

The police chief said he and his officers are searching for the van and continuing their investigation.

He asked that anyone who saw the incident or has any information call the Hampstead police station at 239-8954.

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