Snow FunAfter watching my fellow Baltimoreans prepare for...


March 29, 1993

Snow Fun

After watching my fellow Baltimoreans prepare for the recent snow storm, I don't know whether to laugh or feel embarrassed about the way everyone reacted.

I visited three major food stores to buy my weekly loaf of bread and one gallon of milk only to find long lines, short tempers and empty shelves.

I even had ringside seats at one supermarket where the main event was two grown women fighting over the last available pack of Esskay Oriole Franks.

Now I know what it must be like to grocery shop in Russia. Chill out, Baltimore. It was a snowstorm, not Armageddon.

Eric Allen

Owings Mills


In the March 14 column by Barry Rascovar, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller implies that the passage of the scholarship bill "will eliminate a major source of financial aid."

Is Senator Miller talking about the bill that was passed by the House of Delegates?

Surely the senator knew that this bill did not eliminate aid but transfered the responsibility for administration to the non-partisan State Scholarship Administration.

Why did he claim otherwise? In the article by Marina Sarris and Thomas Waldron on March 17 on the scholarship issue, several senators suggested potential reasons for not supporting this bill.

Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell, D-Baltimore County, believed that if the bill passeds there would be needy kids who fall through the cracks. If this is true, he should suggest changes in the way the non-partisan body now administers the money.

Sen. Clarence W. Blount D-Baltimore felt that black students would suffer if the bill passes.

The news article quoted recent statistics that indicate otherwise. Senator Blount should back up his claim with germane statistics.

All of the senators on the Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee should explain their positions in detail.

They should explain to us why it is or is not desirable to have the money handed out by the Senate, whose members as a group have a history of abusing this privilege.

Obscuring the issues, intentionally or otherwise, only serves to the enrage the citizenry.

Charles P. Bragdon


Doctors' BMWs

During the recent "no-name" blizzard, the call for all 4-wheel-drive vehicle owners to take health care workers from their homes to their hospitals came over the airwaves.

I commend these people and praise them for their kind unselfishness.

But wouldn't it make more sense if some of the doctors trade in their Mercedes, Jaguars, BMWs and Bentleys and buy American-made Broncos and Blazers?

Dieter Halle


Gun Control


The Brady bill is a lie some are trying to make into a law.

This bill if passed into law would establish a seven-day waiting period before you would be allowed to purchase a handgun.

That may not sound too bad, until you stop and think. When governmental assets break down (as did police during the Los Angeles riots or after Hurricane Andrew), then you are on your own.

And the right of self-defense is an inherent right of all men, even older than states or constitutions.

In the Rodney King verdict aftermath, no one could tally the number of calls made to police by citizens seeking protection.

But the only response given by officials was: "Defend yourself! We can't be there! You're on your own!"

Yet when law-abiding citizens raced to purchase a gun for

protection, they found their rights locked up behind a type of Brady bill waiting period.

Guess what? The looters and robbers were not denied. The criminals did not fill out forms and wait days.

They stole what they wanted, vandalized what they wanted, and burned to the ground what was left.

Brady bill or not, criminals do not obey laws. In that moment, Brady bill supporters became Second Amendment converts who joined the American majority that believes law-abiding citizens should not be denied the right to buy a gun.

Unfortunately, some misguided politicians (Senators Paul Sarbanes and Barbara Mikulski, both D-Md.) believe only the police should have guns, or that you should be required to wait days before purchasing a gun. But during the L.A. riots, where were the police?

When all hell breaks loose, do you really want to rely on the police for your protection? Or can you afford to wait days to purchase a gun? I guarantee the criminals won't wait.

Don't let a lie become law. If you value your Second Amendment right to own a weapon for self-protection, I urge you to request your senators and representatives to vote against the Brady bill.

Robert L. Totten



Westinghouse Electric Corp. has terminated over 4,000 employees over the past months. A large number are not able to meet such expenses as house, car and health care payments. They receive little or no pension.

In spite of the above hardship, Westinghouse has seen fit to give Paul Lego, retired chairman, who is 62 years old, a very lucrative retirement package of $910,000 pension per year, plus a possible $1.1 million bonus, plus stock options which would net him a sizable profit.

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