Salt Yards Drama: Film At 11Having read recently about the...


March 28, 1993

Salt Yards Drama: Film At 11

Having read recently about the stiff competition between the local television station news departments, the overdone coverage of the recent snowfall should come as no surprise. With little enough to laugh at on these stations, perhaps I should be grateful. . . . .

It is no mystery why panic prevails over us, when bad weather is sensationalized like this. Having been dubbed "The Blizzard of '93" before the first flake hit the ground, coverage of the snowfall exceeded any event in recent memory, as the news teams scrambled to find something interesting about precipitation.

One might have thought that Mount Pinatubo had risen from the bowels of the Chesapeake, and threatened to erupt in the Inner Harbor, as this not so catastrophic storm passed through the area. . . . Constant updates from the weather desk assured us that yes, it was indeed still snowing, and their predictions of between 6 inches and 3 feet were still right on the money.

"Live" reports from the salt yards (a personal favorite) broughhowls of laughter from my family and me. Reports from grocery stores and telephone interviews of people "stranded" in hotel rooms kept us on the edge of our seats. . . . Perhaps the next time around we might be allowed to watch our regularly scheduled programs, instead of coverage of that which we stayed home to avoid.

Doug Ebbert

Bel Air

APG Incinerator

House Bill 1443 has been introduced by Speaker R. Clayton Mitchell Jr. to provide Maryland citizens living near Aberdeen with protection similar to that available for folks in Kentucky and Indiana.

Those citizens are also faced with a chemical weapons incinerator. If the Army goes forward with its current plan to build and operate an incinerator at Aberdeen, it should be done right, using sound environmental practices and proven procedures.

APG is currently being cited for violating chemical seepage regulations during the construction of its bomb pond. The Army even determined that no environmental impact study was needed for that project. Over the years, many other operations at APG have been cited for infractions. . . .

Baltimore citizens are urged to call Speaker Mitchell, Del. Ronald A. Guns, D-Elkton, and their other elected officials to insist upon rigorous safeguards to the carcinogenic exposures of incineration and pass House Bill 1443. . . . Robert Hukill

Worton, Md.

The writer is with the Coalition For Safe Disposal.

Aberdeen Politics

To Councilmen (Ronald) Kupferman, (Charles) Boutin and (DeWayne) Curry:

Regarding the most recent events involving the investigation into the Aberdeen Police Department, I feel that all of you have gone to exasperating extremes to denounce what the mayor (Ruth Elliott) has done. . . .

You men were elected by the members of this city and you are not representing us in our best interests. You are representing your own personal feelings. . . . The three of you can't seem to bring yourselves to following a woman. . . .

The mayor is doing exactly what she was elected to do. I feel the police force has been long needing of scrutiny. I have a police scanner, as many do, and hear much of what goes on out in the streets. The department definitely has the buddy system as to who does what and who doesn't.. . . You can hear this if you listen long enough. Try it. . . . K. McLain


The Waco Incident

Wake up, gun owners in America. Have you heard of Waco, Texas, and the religious cult whose only crime is defending their personal property, and the accusation of stockpiling weapons?

Let's look at Webster's Dictionary for just a moment. Cult -- a system of religious worship. Stockpile -- to lay in a supply for a future use. Do you have a system of religious worship? Do you have a supply of ammo or more than one firearm? Then you may be the next citizen accused of belonging to a cult and stockpiling weapons.

Waco, Texas, is still in the United States of America. And the Second Amendment of our Constitution still states that, "the lTC right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." . . .If a person, banishing a firearm, forcefully invaded your private property without announcing his legal credentials, would not you meet him with equal force/firepower? Thanks to the FBI; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the news media's one-sided view (no one has allowed David Koresh live coverage or even the advice of a lawyer), no one really knows what actually happened that Sunday after church. . . . Regardless of your religious views, please take five minutes to call the president and your senators. Tell them you have seen through the attempt to deny these citizens in Waco their Second Amendment right to own firearms. Tell them to stop spending millions of dollars of your tax money to harass these fellow citizens. . . .

Judith Cobb


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