Apology Or More Insensitivity?Re: Elmer Lippy's Feb. 21...


March 28, 1993

Apology Or More Insensitivity?

Re: Elmer Lippy's Feb. 21 letter, "So Sorry To Appear Insensitive":

In the outside chance that Kerry O'Rourke might miss this opportunity to educate Mr. Lippy, allow me these insights. Mr. Lippy states "Men regard women as a sex object? Isn't that the way most of us are put together?" No, Mr. Lippy, that is not how most of us are put together! Women are not objects, sexual or otherwise. We are people. We form opinions, are educated, hold down jobs, support families, pay taxes and we vote! Get it, we vote!

In addition, I suggest that the "relaxed" atmosphere on the third floor (of the county building) in the past may have only been "relaxed" for males. That thin veil of tension you refer to was probably always there for the "sex objects" you worked with.

Kathleen M. DeWalt


Dell's Plans

Commissioner Donald Dell's enthusiasm in making Route 140 an industrial zone and locating an incinerator is not shared by me, nor, do I believe, the approximately 6,000 households that will be adversely affected should he be successful. . . .

There are many unanswered questions that should be answered early on, before Commissioner Dell "steam rolls" his proposal or solicits the help of U.S. senators.

These are:

* Trash incinerator: What will be the cost and how much will be passed on to the taxpayers either through higher taxes or increased trash collection fees? Who will own and manage the incinerator? Will the incinerator be open to surrounding subdivisions (Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County) or states? What will the hours of operation be? . . .

* Industrial zone: What type of business will we be attracting? How many and what type of jobs and pay levels will they provide? What times will deliveries and shipments take place? What will be the increase in traffic and need for additional traffic lights and road repairs? . . . How far off Route 140 will the "industrial zone" invade into established residential areas?

I strongly suggest that all residents living within one-half mile of Route 140 . . . demand answers now before Commissioner Dell ruins what he promised to protect -- a country atmosphere.

Mike Baker


Bartlett's Quote

Regarding Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett's remarks about "normal" American names: This representative should be assigned to read the U.S. Constitution, the inscription on the Statue of Liberty and any U.S. phone directory. Last year, we were concerned that Congress was out of touch with the average American. This year, we have a member of Congress . . . who is apparently unaware of what country he's serving.

Christine M. Plummer

Phoenix, Md.

NBC's Fraud

Roger Simon (still) has his head in the sand (right beside the heads of the members of the jury who probably cannot count to $105 million, much less provide a theory of law to legitimize their action).

NBC's televised report showing a General Motors truck erupting in flames upon being struck by another vehicle was counterfeit. Period. It was a fake. . . . A hoax. (Was it part of the plea to the jury?) . . .

NBC did not kill anyone, Mr. Simon argues, looking down his nose (briefly lifting his head from the sand). Given his political persuasion, we would have to expect him to defend the action of the liberal broadcast media. But NBC willfully misrepresented. General Motors did not.

And General Motors did not kill anyone, either. Whether favoring their products or not, one has to assume that General Motors people are no more and no less intelligent and conscientious than we are, and their best judgment was that the positioning of the gasoline tank did not create a hazard. Government agencies, like the Department of Transportation . . . found no fault with their judgment. . . .

To label General Motors a killer, as Mr. Simon has tacitly done, is going way beyond any extreme of horribly poor taste. He personifies the mentality of those who . . . believe that they should be richly and handsomely compensated if someone does the best that he or she can, but is found later to lack the total attributes of a deity.

The $105 million -- I guess that really helps those parents to accept the loss of their son (except that it is not really $105 million, because the lawyer probably took just about $40 million off the top. . . .) James A. Runser


No Juvenile Detention Center Here

Our communities are located in the Sykesville/Eldersburg area of southern Carroll County. We are currently under consideration by the state Department of Juvenile Services as a possible site to locate a juvenile detention center.

The department secretary, Mary Ann Saar, has proposed in her current budget an allocation to renovate the Lane Building on the campus of the Springfield Hospital Center. That facility is slated to house 74 juveniles awaiting trial.

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