100 Years Ago* A large number of Anne Arundel County berry...


March 28, 1993|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

100 Years Ago

* A large number of Anne Arundel County berry growers and commission merchants met Wednesday in Brooklyn on the issue of letting the crate go with the berries. This was rejected. Instead the shippers are to be allowed eight cents for each crate returned. -- The Sun, March 4, 1893.

* The Anne Arundel County commissioners are considering increasing the assessments on railroads. At present, they are assessed as follows in Anne Arundel County: Baltimore and Potomac (double track), $12,500 per mile; Annapolis and Baltimore Short Line and Annapolis, Washington and Baltimore R.R. each $5,000 per mile. -- The Sun, March 28, 1893.

* The ballroom at the Naval Academy has been condemned as unsafe and the Easter dance will probably not take place. -- The Sun, March 28, 1893.

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