Get Serious With Deadbeat DadsI sure have great hope that...


March 28, 1993

Get Serious With Deadbeat Dads

I sure have great hope that President Clinton will give a long hard look at the present Child Support Laws established. The non-support payments that we single parents face are an enormous problem. Please notice that I am not identifying the gender of the non-support paying parent. . . . But I must say the majority of them are males.

What are these men thinking? They can just turn their backs on these human beings they've created and expect our government to take the responsibility for these children for 18 years or longer?

Of course, we have the somewhat paying parent. This is the one who pays child support with resentment. He pays when it is convenient, never has the support payments up to date, and always manages to come up with the court-ordered payment right before a court hearing. Is this any way to take proper care of innocent children?

In Anne Arundel County, judges are deciding whether to jail deadbeat dads who haven't paid child support. Or, putting them to work or enrolling them in job training would be an excellent idea. . . . We need to get a grip on this ongoing problem. After all, we are supposed to be role models for our children, who one day, we hope, will become responsible adults.

Linda Cooper

Brooklyn Park


When explaining President Clinton's proposed Apprenticeship Training Program, Labor Secretary Robert B. Reich stated: "Students after the 10th grade would receive a basic degree certifying their sufficiency in mathematics, reading and writing. Their next two years would emphasize problem-solving, independent learning, critical thinking and communications skills before they enter a year of professional and technical learning in one of 15 to 20 broad fields of competence."

I graduated from Eastern High School in Baltimore in 1959. Eastern was an all-female public school and students were mandated to achieve excellence whether being prepared for college, business or homemaking.

Students put in a full day of classes and a full evening of homework. When I graduated, I had fulfilled all college entrance requirements. . . . I was also proficient in typing, shorthand, cooking and sewing. More importantly, I knew how to solve problems, learn independently, think critically and to communicate very well via both the spoken and written word. . . .

Technical schools, offering financial assistance for training in every occupation from hotel housekeeping to computer programming, are a dime a dozen across the country. And if a high school, vo-tech or technical school graduate can read, write and do math proficiently, private industry will train -- at company expense -- all new employees. Or, again at company expense, send a new employee to an out-of-house, accredited training program.

What we do need is for the federal government to once again mandate that all students -- by putting in a full day of school and a full evening of study -- become both academically and technically proficient before being passed on to the next grade or allowed to graduate. . . .

Such a mandate will benefit our children tremendously and will not cost the taxpayers one red cent.

Marcia R. Conrad


Scholarship Scam

Delegates John Astle and Marsha Perry are due high commendation for coming out in the new legislative session against education patronage.

For eight years, I was the only candidate for public office in Anne Arundel County to take a public position against this wasteful practice. Until now the media has been lukewarm, and the

politicians vigorously opposed the long, overdue reform . . . Only the people have been unqualifiedly for it . . .

Bill D. Burlison


Parole Petition

We would like to thank everyone who supported the recent petition drive for Parole Elementary School in Annapolis, where 1,568 signatures were collected over a 30-day period.

A special thanks to the following churches: Mt. Olive, Hope, Chew's Asbury Broadneck, St. Mark (Hanover), Hall (Solley), First Baptist, Cecil Memorial, St. Philip's Episcopal, John Wesley Waterbury, Christ is the Answer, Fowler, John Wesley Eastport, King's Apostles Holiness, Jesus Saves Family Ministry, and Beacon Light Seventh Day Adventist.

Thanks also to the Parole, Forest Villa and Gross Manor communities; American Legion, Cook-Pinkney Post 141; Peerless Rens Social Club; Parole Elementary School; eight hair salons, four barber shops and one day-care center.

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