Lotto win is a family affair

March 27, 1993|By Deborah Overton | Deborah Overton,Staff Writer

Playing the Lotto is a family affair for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fawley and their two daughters. And because it is, the parents and children will share equally the $10 million that Mr. Fawley won in Wednesday's Maryland State Lottery drawing.

Mr. Fawley will split the prize with his daughters, Deborah Fawley Wise and Sharon Fawley Folden.

The rule in the family is: "If the winning ticket was between any of us, we would split it three ways," said Mrs. Wise.

The Fawleys and their children live in Myersville, Frederick County.

Mr. Fawley, who works for Frederick County as a plumbing inspector, and his wife, Creola, said they found out he was a winner when they heard the winning numbers broadcast over the radio at home.

It was his first big win.

"I was in a state of shock," Mr.Fawley, 62, said. "I had won small stuff" before, like $20 or $30.

Mr. and Mrs. Fawley plan to do a lot of traveling.

"I want to go to Bermuda," Mrs. Fawley said, adding that she and her husband had already planned three other trips to Canada -- Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick -- before they knew they had won. They also plan to buy a motor home, get some renovation work done on their home and pay off some bills.

Mr. Fawley bought the only winning ticket at Hi-way Liquors on U.S. 40 in Frederick. The winning numbers -- 7-14-24-30-46-49 -- were randomly selected.

The Fawleys and their daughters will receive their initial payments of $160,858.00 before taxes on April 1st in a ceremony at the store where he purchased the ticket.

For the next 19 years, they each will receive annual checks in the amount of $162,000.00.

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