Around the house* Protect chimney from creosote buildup...


March 27, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Protect chimney from creosote buildup. Hire a chimney sweep after each cord of wood is burned.

* Replace kitchen sponges, towels and cloths frequently. Bacteria can remain in soiled items, which can contaminate clean dishes or pots and pans.

* Avoid sorting socks at laundry time. Keep a package of safety pins near the hamper. Before family members toss socks into bin, they can pin the tops together. An added bonus is no more missing socks.

In the garden

* Submerge wilted rose -- flower and stem -- into a container of warm water and straighten. Cut 2 inches from end of stem under water. Rose should remain submerged for about two hours for it to perk up. Another option is to float the blossom in a bowl of water.

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